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No Excuses When It Comes To Horse Abuse!

When horse abuse happens to appear in front of you there is no excuse for your indifference. While you sit in your comfort zone you might notice a sort of abuse, but that doesn’t bother you because you are to comfy to react. Please don’t ignore things like that, because horses are neglected and abused in every discipline and it happens all the time. While you are relaxed, someone is mistreated in front of you and you should pay attention to that!

Always stick to your opinion and don’t try to please anyone. Pretending that you are “blind” and don’t see what’s happening won’t do any good to the horses. Speak up in front of your horse club mates if you notice any sort of horse abuse and encourage others who are afraid to tell the truth!

Create a group that will strongly react to any kind of horse abuse. Act now, don’t wait for some better moment. You can share your opinion and ideas for a bigger change through the Internet, so start being effective by using modern technology, for example.

Remember that your whole action is for the horse- he’s in the first place. So, everything you do should be in the horse’s interest and well-being. Analyze your behavior towards your horse…do you take proper care of him? Are you using a suitable saddle? Do you force your horse on doing something that he can’t just to get ready for some competition? Think of all this things and make sure you are not damaging your horse just to accomplish some of your personal goals.

Take responsibility for your horse, don’t just put the blame on him when something unusual happens.Horses are highly intelligent creatures and there must be something that has made them to act wild and unusual. If you want to establish a great horsemanship please be sincere and honest to yourself. Admit your mistakes and take care of your horse!

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