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Rare Red Friesian Dances Beautifully With His Rider!

Riding looks like dancing when a horse and rider truly connect and understand each other. This video is a great example of that. Fire Magic the horse dances during his performance and he learned to dance while being trained in high school dressage. He is one of the “Royal Dancing Friesians” in “The Magical World of Dancing Horses” and horse lovers enjoy his beautiful displays!

There is something that makes Fire Magic even more special, despite his dancing talents. Fire Magic is a registered red imported Friesian Stallion and his chestnut coat gives him a striking appearance. Friesians are known for their wonderful black coats, but Fire Magic is unique and that’s what sets him apart from the other horses of the breed.


Friesian horses are well-known for their impressive long manes and tails and the feathering around their legs is giving them a unique look. They look spectacular in the show ring thanks to their high, animated leg action. These days, they are used in a variety of disciplines because they are highly trainable, intelligent and willing to work.

Fire Magic is an excellent example that Friesians are gorgeous and talented horses. Enjoy!

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