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45 Year Old Arabian Horse Still Trail Riding And Going Strong!

The 45-year-old Magic is the oldest registered Arabian horse and believe it or not, he is still trail riding up hills. Her proud owner Bob Manns, shared that she is still the boss in the barn yarn, although she is retired. This pair was going strong back in 2013, and these days Bob and Magic are only going for a light ride around the ranch and local hills!

MAGIC at 45.. My brother Bob rode a new trail yesterday (So. Calif) with lots of steep hills. Not so newsworthy except…

Posted by Bill Manns on Monday, June 10, 2013

No matter the fact that she is an older horse, Magic looks amazing and she is one of the great ones for sure. Thanks to the good care and the love she received she became a great horse. Clearly, Bob is an amazing owner who knows how to do things right, and that’s why Magic is going strong all these years.

In this picture shared by Bob’s brother, you can see Bob and Magic photographed after their ride on a new trail with lots of steep hills. It was few days before Magic turned 45. Fortunately, Magic is still fit and we wish her all the best!

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