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Entire Budweiser Clydesdales Team Into A Risky Situation!

Surprises are always around the corner and everything can change in a moment. Budweiser Clydesdales are experienced horses, but unpredictable things happen to everyone and you can see the example in the video footage beneath this text!

One Clydesdale tripped in a hitch during a demonstration and the entire team finds itself in a risky situation. In this case, we can see the skills of this horses’ handlers. Also, we can see the character of Clydesdale who patiently waited for their handlers to help them. No panic was allowed and that’s why the whole situation didn’t turn into a disaster. Chaos was avoided and the handlers unhitched the horses one by one. They all got free and none of them was injured.

In a process like this, trust is what matters the most. Clydesdales are very intelligent horses and they don’t get scared easily. They are highly-trainable and each one of them has it’s own temperament. The trainers must have worked really hard and that’s why they’ve got a result like that…nobody was harmed and those Clydesdales stayed cool!

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