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Knabstrupper Horses Are Stunning Creations! Incredible Video!

Knabstrupper is a Danish breed of horses with an unusual range of coat coloration. You’ve probably heard about this extraordinary horse breed which was established in Denmark. It was popular a long time ago, but these days it is not really known it any purebreds from this unique breed still remain.

It’s because Knabstruppers have been crossbred with other horses. Knabstrupper horses are around 15.2 to 16 hands and also can be the size of a pony. They are one of a kind because of their coat pattern which ranges from solid to a full leopard spotted coat.

There are many variants in between which makes these horses really unique and that’s why riders love them! These amazing horses are used in general riding because they are so smooth to be ridden as they are calmed and relaxed.

Also, they do well in different sports like dressage and show jumping. In the video footage beneath this text, you are going to see these magnificent creatures and without a doubt, you will fall in love with them.

They look like dream horses, don’t you agree?! Enjoy the video.

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