Heartbreaking Scene: Terrified Wild Horses Try To Run Away As Helicopters Hover Above Their Heads

Only those who have seen in real wild mustangs know how majestic they are. Even though many of you might have watched videos of them it’s a completely different feeling when you see them ‘live’. It’s quite a sight seeing those wild mustangs run free and wild and roam the open land, you just wish it was like this for all the horses.

But terrible things are happening to them as BLM is using helicopters to round them up and sometimes this means death for the poor wild horses. Although there were outcries from the public and petitions signed by horse lovers all around the country it seems that this is not working to stop the chase. But what happens during the chase? As the poor horses try to run they get badly injured and what is seen is horses running into barbed wire fences as a helicopter hovers a few feet above them.

They run frantically to escape this ‘monster’ chasing them and as they run for their lives they suffer leg deformities. Foals struggle to keep up with the herd and those who don’t make it are separated from their mothers because it is unknown where they’ll end up.

Other horses are captured and are put up for sale to the public which means that they will never see the freedom again. American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) has been the voice for wild horses for many years. They try to inform the public and make a change, so the wild horses can stay free. Advocates attend the roundups to document and make sure the horses are treated humanely.

However, this roundup has shown even more mistreatment than others. Photos of horses running into barbed wires, helicopters chasing them just a few meters above the ground, foals being lost and joining cattle, wild horses running desperately for their lives are taken and posted to social media for horse lovers to see and take action.

Executive Director of AWHC, Suzanne Roy says, “There is a way to manage wild horses, and this is not it. Nearly hitting wild horses with helicopters, repeatedly causing them to crash into barbed wire, and stampeding horses in a manner that leaves foals behind is unconscionable.”

BLM is wanting to remove 250 wild horses during this roundup from the estimated 5,000 wild horses and burros living in Utah. Let’s be a voice for the voiceless as together we can make a difference for those creatures who can’t speak for themselves. Share with your friends!

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