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Attacked Pony Found Suffocating

A pony was attacked with a fence post and because of that he had to be put down. The owner is looking for those who are responsible for this shocking cruelty and she is appealing to everyone who has any information to help the investigation. The unfortunate pony Chester was …

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Worst Case Of Animal Cruelty In Britain!

Five family members were found guilty in maybe one of the worst case of animal neglection. They’ve neglected over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys. The investigators found a horror scene were animals were left to starve to death and the whole property was surrounded by rotting corpses. This was the …

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6 Greatest Horse Heroes Of Hollywood!

We surely love our horses and we would do anything for them but they never get their due. As much as we try sometimes we are just focused on our achievement that we forget about them. Fortunately, there are people who think about these amazing animals and exalt their name …

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