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Mare Gave Birth Of Two Lovely Twin Mules!

Veterinarians at the Oklahoma State University Center experienced something amazing, and shocking at the same time. A gorgeous mare gave birth of two wonderful twin mules, and everyone has been surprised, including the owners! They didn’t expect two babies, and that’s why they’ve been pleasantly surprised when they saw the …

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Rescued Mare Becomes A Champion!

Rescued horses are hard after being saved, so there is always a lot of work that has to be done in order to make them stronger, and great. In some cases the horse won’t recover completely, and in other cases he will become greater than ever! The horse from the …

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Tips How To Transform Your Horse

1. Ask your vet about adding vegetable oil or an essential Omega-3 fatty acid supplement to your horse’s well-balanced diet for added shine. 2. Sponging your horse’s face clean after exercise helps prevent fungal hair loss. 3. Keep different sized sponges for different duties (face, body, dock) and remember which is used for …

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