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Pretty Sure All Equestrians Have Been In These Situation! Best Horse Fails!

These are 20 of the best fails that any equestrian has likely faced. So, these are the results when things go wrong with horses and any equestrian should know that nothing is certain when horses are involved! Allmost there! 💃🏻😎 #equestrian#voltige#extremesports#allmostthere#fail#equestrianfail#equestrianlife#equestriansport#horsefail A post shared by Jimmy Duangpradap (@duangpradap1) on Sep …

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Everyone Loves Curly-Haired Horses!

Horses are some of the loveliest animals on the planet and all horses will agree with that for sure. Lots of people are attracted by the horses’ majesty and strength, and you don’t have to own a horse to find out that they are extraordinary creatures. All of us have …

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Amazing Horse Fail Photos!

Perfectly timed photos are always an absolute joy to look at and it doesn’t matter if they are taken by accident or through careful preparation. These days, it is easy to have photos from more or less important moments because we all carry a camera in our pocket.   Thanks …

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