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Olivia Inglis Passed Away While Riding!

During the Three Day Event Championship in Australia, Olivia Inglis, a 17-year-old equestrian and her horse, Coriolanus, lost their lives in an accident. That was shocking news for the horse community and a sad day for everyone who knew this pair. The news about this unpleasant event spread around very …

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Baby Horse Found Beaten To Death By Kids

A mangled body is all that’s left to show the horrors that a 1-year-old foal endured at the hands of a group of kids.  According to anonymous witness’, a group of kids took turns riding the youngster, seeing who could “ride him into the ground.”  When the youngster collapsed, they beat and …

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The Final Rule Banned The Soring Practices

Here are some good news for the horse world! It seems that the soring practices are finally over, according to the USA Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services final rule. The soring practices and the use of stacks in Tennessee walking horses are now banned and changes …

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Remarkable Facts About Gray Horses!

With their extraordinary nature, genetics and magnificent beauty, grey horses have become an exceptional type of horses. And it’s not about their appearance, there are lots of things that are so great about them. In the text beneath we’ll mention some important facts about this gorgeous horses! – depending on …

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