Meet Picasso: The Most Famous Wild Horse

Hidden in the Western United States is one of America’s national treasures – the wild mustang. These captivating horse breeds are descended from horses brought over by the Spanish hundreds of years ago.

But, amongst these beautiful creatures, one truly stands out amongst the rest.

The stallion known as Picasso has earned himself the title of America’s most famous wild horse for obvious reasons.

His striking colors captured the attention of a worker from the Humane Society during a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup. They described his unique markings as looking like a Picasso painting, and then the name just stuck.

He stands out for his beautiful pinto coat, two-toned mane and the many scars that adorn his body.

Picasso’s Story
Picasso calls the Sand Wash Basin of Colorado home with his herd. He is a reflection of the harsh environment he grew up in – scars cover his body and each one tells a story.

Like other Mustangs, Picasso has been involved in countless fights, he has survived temperatures below freezing, and he has endured the brutal summers of the Colorado desert. Living in the wilderness has made Picasso into a true warrior.

He is now an estimated 30 years old, which is almost unheard of for a wild horse, and he has spent his entire life in the wild.

Though he was once another horse amongst hundreds, tourists and wild mustang enthusiasts now seek out the striking stallion to observe and photograph him.

Picasso Was a Legendary Horse Leader
Picasso has been the leader of several bands, usually consisting of one stallion with a few mares. Stallions will compete for control of these bands and many of them fight to the death.

In his prime, Picasso fought off young bachelor stallions that were eager to steal his mares.

He has sired many offspring, with perhaps his most famous descendants being his son Van Gogh and his grandson Michelangelo.

Update on Picasso the Wild Mustang Horse

Picasso hasn’t been spotted for quite some time now in 2020 and it is feared he may have passed away. Although this isn’t confirmed and is unlikely ever to be.

Members of the Sand Wash Basin Horse Advocate Team believe that Picasso is no longer with us, as when he was last confirmed spotted he was skinny, with a swollen knee and lump on his stomach.

Hopefully, he has just stayed well hidden from the photographers!


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