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The Young Man From Snowy River – Emotional Scene!

The famous Australian poet Banjo Paterson has written a poem known as “The Man from Snowy River”. This poem tells the story of the underdog who gets an opportunity and becomes successful. It all started when a prize-winning colt has escaped and his desperate owner offered a prize of 1000 pounds to whoever gets him back.

The problem was that the colt joined the wild horses in the mountains and only experienced riders could find him! So, all the best horse riders from the area gathered and out of nowhere appeared a young man with his little horse.

The owner doubted in the young man’s riding skills and didn’t want to let him participate, but one of the other riders stood up for the young man. He said that everyone deserves an opportunity; the young man was experienced and came from some of the toughest parts of the mountains.

The chase has started and they soon found where the wild horses are. They had to play smart because if those horses reached the mountains they won’t be able to chase them anymore.

Banjo's Poem.The Man from Snowy River.

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