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6-Year-Old Rider Rides Her 16-Year-Old Horse Like A Pro

If there is something that every single one of us here enjoys doing is definitely riding horses, the passion that we have for them brings us all together here. Do you remember the first time when you started riding horses? Did it go all fine or was it full of hesitations? In my case, I was a little scared at the beginning but right after everything went fine.

However, even if that moment isn’t very successful, you will figure out whether you are passionate about horses or not. What I am the happiest about is the fact that a lot of young children out there have found their passion for horse riding and since there are a lot of passionate young people who will work hard to develop their passions by working hard, the future of horse riding seems really bright and I can’t be prouder.

The young girl in the video below is one of the success stories of her generation. It’s not every day we come across young children who are already horseback riders, but 6-year-old Addison Valley is a pro. We’ve seen some older rides with notable talent, including the woman who won a horse competition with a special Disney performance and the couple who shared their wedding dance with their horse.

But, it’s remarkable to see someone at such a young age mastering the equestrian sport. That’s probably why Valley’s talent even landed her as one of ABC15’s “Small Stars.” Valley, who has been riding since she was only 3 years old, shows off her skills at horse shows around the country with 16-year-old Puff by her side. Around second:45, we see the young Arizona girl in action as she leads him and also directs him to walk backward.

It’s clear that there’s a mutually loving relationship between the two. And despite her young age, Valley also takes good care of Puff by brushing the beautiful horse after she’s done riding him. “I love him and he’s my horse,” Valley told ABC15 Arizona. Her words aren’t hard to believe after watching their adorable relationship below — I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it! The level of confidence that this adorable 6-year-old girl has is still shocking to me. If she is this good at 6 years old, imagine how good she will be when she is 26. I guess we have to keep track of her development throughout the years. 

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