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The One-Eyed Mare Gives Birth To Adorable And Rare Twin Foals

Being born with a disability isn’t easy because sometimes, it brings a lot of limitations to your dreams and wishes. Like humans, there are animals with disabilities as well and the horse in the video below is one of them as she was born only with one eye. Given her problem with vision, it was a little difficult for her getting around but at least, she is not fully blind so with the help of our owner now it is easier for her to get around easily.

She’s different from the other mares out there not simply for the fact that she is blind, but also for an unusual pregnancy. As you probably know from the previous articles that you have read, only 1% of twin pregnancies in horses results successfully as it is a very delicate and difficult process, unlike human pregnancy. Even when pregnancy results successful, a lot of complications can occur to the newborn foals and in most cases, it is difficult for them to survive.

Named Snip and Drip, the twin fillies were born much smaller than the average foal. In most cases of twin foals, one or both of the foals die before, during, or soon after birth. And when twins are detected during the pregnancy, they’re often aborted due to the extreme risk for the mother. Precious few sets of twins survive past two weeks old, but Snip and Drip have now passed that milestone age.

Experienced vet John Maxwell has been treating pregnant horses and foals for 50 years. With all that experience, he has never seen a case where both twins and their mother survive longer than a few weeks after birth. I just want to point out that the twin pregnancies are indeed miracles and you really have to appreciate them they happen. However, the fact that they survived does not mean that they can be treated the same as other foals.

They need to be feed more carefully and are also not allowed to go out for a longer period of time compared to a normal newborn foal. They need to catch up with all the other foals’ physical conditions and try to avoid the occurrence of any possible compilation. I really hope that in the very near future with continuous technologic improvement the chance of successful twin pregnancies in horses increases. I guess we have to wait until then.

One-eyed mare gives birth to live twin foals

A horse in WA has given birth to live twin foals. The chances of twin foals being born alive is 1 in 10,000 — and even less for both to survive infancy. Snip and Drop are nearly two weeks old now and are both doing really well.

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, September 25, 2019

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