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Very Cute Baby Horses Out With Their Mother

There is nothing more precious than seeing a mother together with her babies on meadows and taking good care of them. What you are going to watch in this video is a mother horse and her newborn twin foals, just 4 days old, in a green pasture and how this mare takes care of her babies.

This beautiful Belgian Draft horse knows what to do as she feeds them and lets them play around and have a good time of relaxation. All of a sudden a young girl comes to show some love to the big creatures and pets the family of giants.

These horses are so well known for their strength but they are also recognized as very gentle and loving horses and you can tell this by the way they react to the presence of an unknown person.

The girl is also smart as she firstly approaches in clear view of the mother and only after the mother smells her she approaches the foal. I really love these big beautiful horses. Watch and enjoy this sweet video of them!

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