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Playful Horse Doesn’t Stop Making Jokes With The Farrier

There are farriers who develop amazing relationship with horses and when horses see them they are happy. Sophia Andersson has been working as a farrier for ten years. One of her clients is the five-year-old horse called Little Brother.

Little Brother surely loves Sophia but this smart little guy is also so playful that he doesn’t stop making jokes on her. Although Sophia describes him as incredibly kind she also claims that he is a little bit clumsy. Little brother is easy to shoe but when he gets bored he likes to make jokes and this time he simply likes lifting up Sophia by the belt.

Although it might look somewhat dangerous it is also very funny as I have never seen a horse do that.Sophia says, “I don’t have a problem with that as I am really patient but I love it when horses consider me loveable and want to play with me.

In the clip when Little Brother lifts me, I never felt worried that it would go wrong. I am careful with my work environment and make it as safe as possible for both me and the horse.” Sometimes you have got to have a little fun while you are working so that the work won’t become boring. This clip made my day. Watch and enjoy!

Livet som hovslagare (tuggleksak) åt Lillebror 2,0 #thoroughbred #racehorse

Posted by Sophia Andersson on Friday, May 3, 2019

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