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Rescue Horse With 30-Pound Hooves Can Walk Again

This horse rescued with 30-pound hooves can walk again. Quest was locked in a small stall for over 10 years..

With no freedom, medical care, or love at all. The neglect was so severe that his hooves grew 3 feet in lenght and weighed around 30 punds. Days End Farm Horse Rescue staff wasn’t sure that he’d make it.


The minute that stall opened, Quest’s life changed forever. The team had to shovel him out of the stall, which was blocked by a hill of manure. They work with medical professionals to carefully trim Quest’s hooves.

When ke was ready, he made his first trip into sunlight. With the right amount of love and support, Quest began gaining weight and was abble to freely move again. Against all odds he transformed into the happy horse he is today..

Quest was adopted in September 2017 by a young equestrian. Days End Farm Horse Rescue forever cherish their time with Quest.

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