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Surgery For Horse With A Hole In Its Head

What you are going to watch in this video is a surgery performed on a horse that had a hole in its head. The video was shared on YouTube a few years ago with the following description: “Video of surgery performed July 29 in Sherwood Park, AB. Pearl, a horse rescued by SPCA in December 2009, had a hole in her face.”

The mare had a golf-ballshaped hole below her eyes in the front of her head. Infected and caked with frozen pus, the horse would hide away at the back of her stable. “She was really embarrassed, she would put her head in the corner and hide,” said Fyfe, director of the Rescue 100 Horses Foundation.

“It took a long time before she would come up to us.” There is no information as to what caused the hole but this mare got a special treatment from all the people who took care after her until the money was collected for the surgery.

The surgery wasn’t easy as the hole required to be covered with a fine layer of bone but the veterinary, Ryan Shoemaker, did an amazing job and the mare had a completely another look, without that hole on the head. The mare needed some time to recover, which lasted 15 days, and together with the filly enjoyed the days to come. “It feels like it’s a miracle,” said Fyfe. Watch the video!

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