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21-Day-Old Foal Steals The Show And Makes Everyone Smile

Foals are the cutest creatures on earth and when we see them run around, jump and play our hearts fill with joy and happiness. Even though foals running look like two people wearing a horse costume who haven’t coordinated their strides they still make us love them. The cute little guy’s name on the video is Blitz and he is a 21-day-old Haflinger foal!

Here he is being shown during the Parade of Breeds during the 2010 PA Horse World Expo! As the handler was leading them around little Blitz couldn’t stay in line anymore and goes nuts showing his most amazing moves in front of the whole crowd.

Blitz doesn’t mind where he is and who is watching him but simply goes on doing what he likes and enjoys the moment. I’m sure that Haflinger mom feels like a human mom when her kid is acting up during a church service or something but she keeps her calm about the whole thing and lets her kid have what he considers a great time.

At the beginning I was a little bit worried that the foal was a bit frightened but then he had his ears up most of the time and does indeed seem to be simply full of energy.

Foal: “I’ll show you MY paces! I am best show horse ever!”

Mare: “This is the last time I bring him to a show…”

Watch and enjoy the video!

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