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What A Moment – Racehorse Has A Lot Of Fun Swimming With Dolphins

Never in a horse’s wildest dreams could it imagine swimming with dolphins. The life of a racehorse can be quite busy with all the training and exercises he does every day. The daily workouts aren’t that easy and as it gets so tired he spends the rest of the day relaxing in the stall or out in the pasture.

We all know that horse don’t like monotony and we time after time have to break it up as often as possible and the horse in the video is enjoying his day out on the beach. This lucky horse is having a magical moment as he not only he is swimming and having fun but also has the possibility to swim with the dolphins that surround him and the rider.


The friendly sea mammals seem to be encouraging the horses to join in their fun as they dart in and out of the water. The appearance of the dolphins is said to bring good luck and rider hopes that this will bring good luck to her and the horse in the races to come.

It is not the first time that they go training on the beach but it is the first time they come across dolphins and it surely surprised the trainer and rider. She said, “The dolphins make occasional appearances and try to play with the horses. The connection you feel between the two animals is extremely unique and beautiful.” Watch the video!

Horses swimming with dolphins

This is incredible! 🐴🐬😲🎥 @World Horse Racing / Hayfields Racing

Posted by Breeders' Cup World Championships on Saturday, December 22, 2018

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