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Hundreds Of Wild Horses Galloping Through The Fields!

Just imagine! As you look at the open fields you feel just the breeze and then the bird songs are audible. Then, a deeper sound, like an amplified bass comes, a sound you can feel. It’s faint at first, then gets louder and stronger. You can feel the vibration in your chest.

Soon, the booming thunder reveals its source as one by one, horses burst into the pasture in a wave of mane, tail and hoof, the thunder reaches a crescendo, and your heart, overcome with the beat, pounds in unison with the hooves.

You feel a wave of passion and freedom, of energy and power, wash over you as the herd dissolves around you only to reassemble as a whole again once they’ve passed. Your eyes are pricked with tears, as the beauty and majesty reveals itself.

What you are going to watch in this video is a footage showing hundreds of wild horses galloping through the fields. If you were out in the open you would be afraid they will run you down, so you would have to seek cover. The video was taken in Mongolia where you can go and stay and live among the horses.

It is a “Roundup” of sorts but they’re only being rounded up for the purpose of making this video to use as promotional advertising. Watch and enjoy the video!

Horse HeavenCredits to Horse Life

Posted by Schumacher Fenomeno on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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