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The Cruel And Exploitative Horse-Racing Industry In The UK!

There is one thing that you can bet on with confidence when it comes to this year’s Grand National. Be sure that as a result of the unethical spectacle at Aintree, horses will suffer.

ETA US is working on an undercover investigation into cruel and illegal industry practices among horse trainers in the USA. Unfortunately, we can’t tell the same about the UK where there are a few home truths about horse racing which make the Grand National and races a national disgrace! Here are few things that you don’t know about horse racing in the UK.

– Since 2011, 11 horses have died at the Grand National Festival. This year, 7 horses died at Cheltenham and their deaths were frightening!

– Jockeys believe that every horse can be replaced which shows that they treat horses at commodities.

– In order to mask the horses’ pain, they drug them, instead of providing them a proper treatment or a rest.

– Around 1,000 horses from the racing industry are killed in slaughterhouses in Britain per year. That’s how they “retire” them.

– One of the most deadly courses in the world is Aintree. Authorities refuse to remove the infamous Bacher’s Brook which is the world’s most dangerous jump.

– Horses risk their lives on the racecourse because they are too young to race.

– Hurting an animal deliberately is illegal, but at the Grand National horses are whipped to the finish line.

– Horse owners in the Grand National are only interested about the money. They don’t care about their horses.

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