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Some Video Footage Of The Trapped Horse.. Thankfully The Horse Was Rescued!

There is normally no love lost between Britain’s traditional fox hunting community and “hunt saboteurs” bent on banning and disrupting hunts, sometimes resulting in violent clashes. But there are times when you have to join forces and contribute for something good in the video you are about to watch they left aside their hatred and joined together just for the love of a horse.

The video was captured by a local hunt saboteur as a horse had been trapped in a bog during the hunt in the county of Surrey. When saboteurs, who typically aim to disrupt hunts, saw that a horse was trapped in a bog they offered their help to get the horse out of there.

In the video below you will see how the fox hunters and saboteurs work together to free the horse. It’s amazing what love for an animal can do and how it can bring together people who may have a strong dislike for each other. Jeremy Gumbley of the Surry Hunt Union said, “The horses are part of the team and we care for them just as much as anyone else.

To have that happen is a potential disaster. In the past, we have come to blows over different opinions on various things, but we all love animals. They helped us and the huntsman to get the horse into a safer position where the horse could stand up to its tummy in water.” After a lot of effort the horse was finally free and a great contribution was given by the ‘hunt sabs.’ Watch the video!

Some video footage of the trapped horse…

Posted by Guildford Hunt Saboteurs on Saturday, January 13, 2018

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