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SECRETARIAT – Running From Within!

It is no doubt that Secretariat will always be known as one of the best racehorses of all time. It is also called the horse of records as there are records that no horse has ever beaten till today including his amazing 31 length victory in the Belmont Stakes. Those who were able to see Secretariat at those times are the lucky ones because there will never come a horse like Secretariat any more.

We all wish we saw at least one of the races he was part of but this is not possible and we just have to enjoy the videos taken, be they short. In this video you are going to witness the vitality and exuberant joy of the-then 12 year old Secretariat running from within, like a child at play, in his domain at Claiborne Farm. It is clear that he was a horse who was really taken great care of and we come to realize that he is maybe the most perfect of his species ever to grace the Earth with the imprint of his hoof.

Secretariat knew that he was a star and that people came by to just watch him. He had learned that from early on. So, what you see here is Secretariat’s performance for the crowd demonstrating his speed, his power, and his control over both. What a magnificent creation he was! There are few things in life that make me happier than watching this video. Watch and enjoy!

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