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Real Heroes – Two Brave Teen Girls Rescue 8 Horses Stranded In Severe Flooding!

You’ve got to be brave and you have got to really love horses to go through the floodwaters and save them. This is what two brave teen girls have done. Stephanie Jasperse, 17, and Anya Johnston, 18 put their lives in risk to rescue 8 horses who were stranded and couldn’t reach higher groundbecause the water was up to their stomachs despite struggling to go somewhere higher.

The girls had their horses away from the flood and when they were called to help they didn’t hesitate but jumped into action despite the dangers they were facing. As they reached the horses, they took one horse each to lead to safe ground and the herd just followed.

The action was caught on video by Stephanie’s mother who really appreciated the bravery of her daughter and her daughter’s friend. The two teen girls managed to lead the horses to safety and fortunately none of the horses was injured or hurt during this rescue operation.

The area has been flooding for the past few years and people have found difficulty in transporting their cattle and animals to a safer place and that’s why those horses got stuck in that situation. These girls are considered to be heroes as they risked their lives to save that of the horses. Watch the rescue video!

Horse rescue this morning with Stephanie Jasperse and Anya Johnston

Posted by Kyla Jasperse on Friday, July 21, 2017

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