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Blind Woman Spends Life Savings To Save Terminally Miniature Guide Pony

A blind woman who has been helped for 14 years by a guide pony has spent her life savings on an operation to save her life when she fell ill. Ann Edie, 61, has been helped by tiny pony Panda since 2003, since the pair was matched by a special guide pony trainer.

Panda has been of great help to Edie over the years and Edie has tried to adapt her home to accommodate Panda as part of the family just like any other house pet. She thinks that horses are more reliable at predicting spatial movements than dogs and horses live longer as well.

Unfortunately, the mini horse suffered from an intestinal blockage and a surgery was needed that would cost $30.000. Edie didn’t think a bit about the money but gave all she had just to save Panda.

But all she had wasn’t enough so her husband and she asked their good friend Alexandra Kurland, who was also Panda’s trainer, for help and she immediately initiated a fundraising effort to cover Panda’s bills which resulted to be successful.

Edie said, “Panda is so much more than just a means for letting me, as a blind person, travel smoothly and efficiently around my community. Her joy in her work and in her life always puts a smile on my face. Being able to have Panda home was worth every penny.”

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