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Oregon’s Last Horse Logger Want To Keep Up Family Tradition

Oregon’s last horse logger and a family of foresters look to the future by carrying on a legacy of the past. Now that timber prices have gone up we should really think about starting some horse logging for ourselves. It’s never too late to do something worthy and Roger Daugherty, who may be the last of his kind in Oregon, knows how important it is for him and his family to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

It is a slow and labor-intensive way to drag logs from the woods but Roger doesn’t mind about it and keeps doing what he loves to do. Some might find it really easy but not only do you have to know all about logging and have the right skills to do it but you also should have knowledge about horses and have the temperament to work with them.

Today, Roger has been called back to a family forest that he has been logging for nearly 45 years, with its own connection to Oregon’s logging history. It’s Roger’s job to hike the forest and select which trees to cut and when he cuts them he loads and ties them to carriage the horses pull and goes back. Watch the video for more!

Oregon's Last Horse Logger

Roger Daugherty may be the last of his kind in Oregon.

Posted by OPB on Sunday, November 12, 2017

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