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Mare And Newborn Foal Kiss Eeach Other Moments After Birth!

This Paso Fino mare, Pintura, has just given birth to her firstborn foal. This video was taken just after he slid almost all the way out of her. If you look carefully you can see that his hind feet are still inside her.

He is sopping wet from amniotic fluid and his umbilical cord is still attached to the placenta. In fact, it is moments like this that make me so happy. Apparently, she is saying to him “I love you and you are mine” and it so cute when the foal leans away from his mum like “Mum, You’re embarrassing me. Not in front of the camera, Mum.”

It is so adorable to watch this kind of bond that a mare has with her newborn. That is why we should be thankful to God for giving us such amazing gifts. This is absolutely beautiful to watch. It really brought tears to my eyes. Maybe, this is the cutest thing, ever. Watch and enjoy it!

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