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Funniest Horse Act Ever! Intelligent Horse And Rider Entertain Horse Lovers!

Horses can really be funny sometimes and what we see in our everyday lives is nothing compared to what you are going to watch in the video below. If you hadn’t had a good laugh recently and you really need one then this is definitely the video to watch.

The trainer, Tommie Turvey, and his horse, Pokerjoe, are absolutely fabulous, and they’re hilarious, too. Their act, called “The Riding Instructor,” brings to light just how wrong things can go when you’re working with horses But it also shines light on how horses can have a great sense of humor, and in the end, it’s always fun when horses are involved.

The pair is known for their amazing displays of horsemanship and also for the comedy acts they perform throughout the country. Turvey is such a great trainer because he can make the horse do what he wants not only this but he teaches the horse tricks to perform in front of the crowd.

It’s important for him that the horse masters those tricks because they are going to perform together in front of the crowds and in television as well. The horse feels safe around Turvey and is happy performing especially when he is in the limelight.

Have you ever seen a horse sit, lie down, pull tack off of their backs, pull blankets over themselves, rear on command? Well, enjoy the action of Turvey and Pokerjoe!

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