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Gorgeous Friesian Horse Certainly Knows How To Show Himself Off!

Horses are proud and smart animals and horse lovers don’t mind spending their lives taking care of these stunning animals. They are always there for people who need them and they have also served as therapy animals. It’s like they have the sixth sense and know what people need.

These gorgeous animals have given meaning to our lives and when we see one our hearts start beating faster and we cannot stop admiring the beauty. What you are going to watch in this video is a gorgeous stallion who really catches our hearts. As soon as he comes out of the trailer he looks like he is cheesing for the camera.

He knows the others are watching and he goes on strutting and clacking those heels and showing off. This is one of God’s beautiful creatures and I just love hearing him whinnying. The guy on the video is so lucky to have such a beautiful, happy, and healthy horse and he is fortunate to take care of him as well.

It is amazing how this Friesian prances along as he goes into the stable showing such pride and it looks like the horses in the stable are curious and ready to socialize. This is a totally awesome horse. Watch and enjoy the video!

Stunning Horse

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