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Danger Of Red Maple Toxicity In Horses

The danger of red Maple Leaf Toxicity in horses was something Dr. Parks wanted to remind everyone about. Dr. Parks with Iron Will Mobile Veterinary Services shared on Facebook that there is a danger of red maple toxicity. Unfortunately, a group of horses managed by Dr.Parks munched on wilted red maple leaves from a down tree.

As they said from Iron Will Mobile Veterinary Services, the red maple leaves can cause severe damage to the red blood cells. That will result in life-threatening anemia and kidney damage. They continued, ” If we see the horse early we can give medications to reduce uptake from the GI tract and IV fluids once horses are showing signs of toxicity.”

It is dangerous, so take good care of your horses and keep your eyes open. If you notice anything strange or you think that your horse has ingest any of these leaves, contact your vet immediately!

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