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Young Mare Crashes Into Her Trainer Just To Avoid A Ditch

Martin Boyd, the Olympian and horse trainer, has been working with a horse and a rider over a ditch at the Texas Rose Horse Park, during a clinic. For most of the horses ditches can be scary! Have a closer look at the following video and see what happened when Jill, the rider wanted to run over a ditch while Martin tried to help her.

As a trainer, Martin stood next to the ditch leaving no choice to the young mare- she had to jump over the ditch just to avoid running into him, because in general horses don’t run into humans. But look what happened! Though most of the trainers considere that as a safe method it turned out that to Zoe, the young mare, nothing is more scarier than a “pit filled with monsters”. She has crashed into Martin, because to her that has been the safer route.

At first the scene looked bad, because Martin has been laying on the ground. But, shortly after the crash he has been back on his feet and Jill And Zoe managed to jump over the ditch. Martin did a great job, with a small headache.

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