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It’s All About Patience While Training Horses

Patience has been always a crucial element while working with horses. And if you’ve ever been around this amazing creatures you’ll know that they are calm and have the power to improve your mood.

So, everything around them is about enjoying the moment and staying still. So, have a look at the following video which is a prove that patience and not rushing things will only give you positive results while working with horses.

It’s obvious that the mustang from the video below has never seen a man made water box and that’s why he got scared from the unexpected!

The first time when the mustang tried to step on it didn’t go quite well, but two minutes after the first attempt he did a great job. Thanks to the rider who has been patient through the whole process the horse made a step forward!

Delgado tried our new super scary water box last night. It has a piece of plywood inside that floats but has holes in it so the water shoots up through the holes when it is stepped on, which the horses don't expect. After Delgado figured out how it worked he was ok with it. It was interesting to see the wheels turning in their heads as the horses figured it out. (Please ignore the last 30 seconds of the video 😊) Jason Hiser

Posted by Carol Hiser on Thursday, March 31, 2016

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