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Nasty Accident On Racetrack – Jockey’s Quick Thinking Saves Them! Video Below!

Robbie Power has found himself in a really bad situation. Luckily everything ended up good for him, thanks to the fast reaction from Bryan Cooper and other people who quickly ran to help him. The jockey got himself into serious trouble during the Gowran Park Racecourse. If you want to see by yourself what has happened that day, have a look at the video footage beneath this text!

It has been a nasty accident on the racetrack fro Robbie Power. He could suffer from a lot more bigger consequences, if Bryan Cooper did not react immediately. Clearly, he saved the jockey and his horse, and prevented a grand disaster!

The outcome could be a lot more worse, as you can see from the video below. Looks like Robbie Power has been tangled and the horse got a bit scared, because people came from all around.

Horses can really read humans as books and they do understand body language quite well. So, remember not to do unnecessary moves when you are near this amazing animals, and just stay calm and relaxed. As you could see in the video, everyone who came to help knew exactly what to do. We must say again that Bryan Cooper has done a great work and things turned out well for Power and his horse!

Well done to Bryan Cooper and others who helped Robbie Power out of this nasty situation at Gowran Park Racecourse today

Posted by irishracing.com on Saturday, November 21, 2015

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