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37 Horses Seized From Therapy Program

Five horses who were part of a Horse’s for Hope therapy program had to be euthanized for botulism. Because of that, the SPCA  has seized 37 horses who were part of the same program, located in Bloomsbury, New Jersey!

The 33-year-old director of Horse’s for hope, Aiyanna Callaway probably didn’t now nothing about feeding horses. She has been feeding them with hay shrink wrapped with plastic! That’s insane, because it’s commonly familiar that the plastic has to be removed. According to her neighbor named Panikkar, Callaway didn’t know that botulism was in the hay and she gave the horses round barrels of hay in plastic!

To get to the hay the horses first needed to chew through the plastic and that’s not good for them at all! 13 of the horses have been emaciated and there are 15 counts of animal cruelty charges raised against Callaway.

Callaway’s property the authorities have visited for the first time in March and then they’ve noticed that the water for the horses has been frozen and they only had plastic wrapped hay to eat.

It has been a horrible site seeing those horses only access to water- a pond full of fecal and urine runoff! And horse owners and caretakers know how important water is for horses. If you want to take good care of your horse you should always provide him fresh and clean water. They have the same need for clean water as humans!

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