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Meet The Pony Who Could Barely Stand But Transforms Into A Champion

World Horse Welfare is known for rescuing and rehabilitating horses and ponies. Horses find a home there where they are taken great care of and are treated as they should be, with respect.

A special pony named Buggy has made a really great recovery and he also had the opportunity to show his incredible transformation to the world. A good Samaritan found Buggy completely neglected and emaciated. He was just a few months old and he had sores all over his body and he was so weak he could barely stand on its feet.

He couldn’t bear the sight and the condition of this pony so he immediately called World Horse Welfare. They responded immediately and send a Filed Officer, a veterinarian, an RSPCA Inspector, and the local police. They took Buggy in under the Animal Welfare Act and they did their most to put this pony on the road to recovery.

Buggy was taken to the Minster Equine Veterinary Clinic in York where he received urgent treatment to clear his skin of maggots. He was also given a lot of fluids so that he could gain back his strength. Sarah Tucker of WHW said, “I would say this is one of the most horrific cases of neglect that I’ve seen in the years I’ve worked for World Horse Welfare. It’s shocking to think that Buggy has been left in this terrible condition and that if he’d been found just one or two days later it would have been too late.”

We are happy Buddy’s recovery has gone well and now Buggy transformed into a gorgeous and happy horse and competed in the Rescued Equine class along with three other WHW rescues and was crowned champion rescue pony at Equifest.

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