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Second Accident During The Fort Work Stock Show And Rodeo In Texas!

A second accident happened during the Fort Work Stock Show And Rodeo in Texas. Another saddle bronc horse has died!

This rodeo lasts from January 13 through February 4, and is one of the longest running rodeos in America, since 1896. Treasure of Patience, a 9-year-old white gelding, slammed his head into the wall when the gate was opened and dropped to the ground.

Its rider hung onto the fence as the horse laid on the ground with his legs twitched. Unfortunately, the horse was dead. The rodeo personal could not help him, although they rushed to his side. They rolled him in an orange mat, and dragged his body from the arena with a tractor.

During the 2017 Rodeo, Treasure of Patience was the second dead horse. His unexpected death is a big loss for the horse world because he was a gorgeous horse.

Horse gets knocked out at the Fort Worth stockshow. The horse's name was Treasure of Patients and Treasure didn't make it. ☹️😢For any licensing request please contact licensing@break.com

Posted by Bruce Weidner on Sunday, January 29, 2017

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