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Last Surviving Black Beauty Is Still Going Strong!

It is a great thing to know that one of the horses starring in the movie “Black Beauty” in 1994 is still alive and doing great. These days, Billy is 28-years-old and lives in Wales with his caring owner, Louise Maryon. She was part of the crew back in 1994 and she immediately fell in love with Billy.

Maryon breds, shows and judges Arab horses which makes her an expert for horses. As she said, Billy was her riding horse and one thing is for sure- he will never be forgotten because of his role in the Black Beauty movie. She remembers the time they took Billy to The Arab National Horse Society Show and how he was mobbed. He did not do not even one mistake, although he had not been in public for 15 years. They’ve expected from him to become emotional, but he was excellent.

His owner believes that many people still remember Billy as part of their childhood because he was a fantastic horse. Nothing frightens Billy and we are so lucky to have him around. Wonderful picture of Billy beneath this text!

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