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Aggressive Stallion Tamed – The Best Way!

A professional Dutch trainer could not handle an aggressive stallion and that’s how the stallion ended up at the KFH-School Farm. The 5-year-old Lusitano Stallion was uncontrollable and his trainer had a lot of difficulties with him because he did not know what to do anymore. At the KFN-School farm, Lucitano was introduced to Hempfling, a highly respected trainer in the horse world.

Hempfling has its own techniques and people admire his work. This video is a great proof of his amazing work- he tamed Lusitano in five steps. At first, the stallion tried to attack Hempfling and the man gave him space to do that freely. When Lusitano finished with his attacks Hempfling started his action.

By using his body signals he managed to stop and calm the horse. He knows how to do special lunging in his own way and after that, he continued with special leading. At that point, the horse is completely tamed and Hempfling touches the transformed horse who is now friendly and calmed. Inspirational video!

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