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Cute Little Girl Running Barrels On A Little Horse Like A Pro

A pony is a great choice for any kid. Getting a pony for your kid is amazing because they can develop and grow up together. Then all of a sudden you might have a great rider and horse in your family. If you want proof of how great a pony is for your kids, watch this video clip.

This little girl and her pony go through the barrel pattern like professionals. They look comfortable together and they are performing great. The girl, even though she is little, behaves like she has years of training and has everything under her control.

It is adorable to watch how this girl has shown so much interest in riding a horse at such a young age. The two of them are well-matched, and they are a great pair. Also, the pony follows her rider and is so concentrated on the race. This is a sign of a well-trained pony.

Riders that have done barrel racing for a while would be jealous of how well this pair is doing. The passion this little girl shows are to be appreciated because nothing like this is done if you don’t go through a lot of training and if you don’t love doing these kinds of things. Credit to her and her pony for doing this good at such a young age. Watch the video for more and share your opinions with us!

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