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Country Pleasure Driving Class Gone Really WRONG!

What you are going to watch in this video is horse carts driven by people who enjoy riding and to learn about riding but what happens takes all of them there by surprise. A horse gets out of control and bolts around the arena.

People inside try to stop it but it seemed that the horse spooked and went faster than before not taking into consideration what was coming in front of him causing other horses to spook. We know that a scared horse is a dangerous horse and those horses running out of control believe in their hearts that they running for their lives.

When a horse is this scared they will run thru fences even over humans. They will do whatever it takes to get away from what they see as a horrible danger and those humans were in a really dangerous situation because they might have got injured. Fortunately, no one got serious injuries. Both horses and people were OK after all this ended.

Watch the video and tell us what you would have done in a certain situation!

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