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BORN TO FLY! Tiny Pony And Rider Shock The Audience With Their Big Jumps!

Sometimes it is not about the power but it is about the spirit and what you are going to watch in this video is a pony with a great spirit which jumps unusually high for the size it has. The video has gone viral on social networks and really catches your eye as this is something that you do not often see.

All this happened at the Dublin Horse Show and the clip shows this tiny pony jump over 1.10m amazing everybody present in that show. Rhys Williams, the rider, who is just 10 years old, also does an amazing job.

Rhys says, “I started riding at age six with my father and I got Loli as a Christmas gift and since then I have always loved him unconditionally and we have such a bond that we miss each other a lot if we do not meet every day.

In the world of show jumping, Rhys has his own hero and that is McLain Ward, a real inspiration for him. Rhys also hopes to be an Olympian one day and by what we see in this video he has got a real chance.

Watch the video and enjoy it!

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