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Incredible… Horse Lover Buys Mistreated Mare For $50 To Give Her A 2nd Chance At A Happy Life

We have heard a lot of stories about horses being rescued and saved from slaughtered or saved from abusing owners. But this one is really special because it is like a dream come true.

Children usually have dreams and those dreams change over time as they grow up because their focus changes but for Kimberley Lewis the dream never changed. Since she was a little girl she wanted a horse and now her dream has come true as her husband fulfilled her desire.

He said that he would buy her beloved wife any horse she wanted. It was really hard for Kimberley to decide what horse she would buy and she was having a truly hard time making up her mind because she could not establish any bond with the horses she saw. But as her husband and she were returning home from a barn they had been she saw a horse in a field in an animal shelter.

As a matter of fact, the horse seemed completely defeated as Kimberley said, “Her eyes were empty and dark – and she was also skin and bones, her hair was matted, and her hooves were overgrown. Weighing only 812 lbs, the horse was only half the weight of a healthy horse.” this horse had been completely neglected by her former owner and now was passing her days in a shelter for abused horses.

This was exactly what Kimberley was looking for because she thought that she would give this horse the chance to live and enjoy its life, to run freely and to play as much as it wanted. She paid only $50 for the horse and took it home to take good care of her and give her the chance to lead a life of joy and happiness.


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