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Horse Brought To Its Knees In Dog Attack!

Something that we usually do not see has happened in Nudgee Beach as a dog attacks two horses. Keesha Moignard and her 19-year-old daughter Lucie happened to be in a very difficult situation as they tried to keep hold of their two horses and maintain them under control when a large black dog ran towards them and attacked.

The onlookers were shocked by what was happening and others just wanted to take all of this in photos and videos and this is one of the footages that shows the attack. One of the horses was brought to its knees because it was bitten by the dog but what is shocking is that Mrs. Moignard she was also bitten on the knee during the attack. She also
claims that the horse had cuts and bite marks and they were confirmed by a veterinary report but they can call themselves lucky because they were not injured.

One of the horses, fortunately, survived a bite that was just too close to a major artery and Mrs. Moignard thanks God for saving them and their horses. The incident is currently under investigation and the Brisbane City Council has urged residents with any information that could help them with the investigation.

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