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The Horse That Helped Feed And Defend Britain Is Struggling To Survive!

Suffolks are Britain’s oldest heavyweight horse breed but it looks like they are listed among the endangered breeds and if nothing is done they are supposed to be extinct in the next 10 years. There are fewer than 300 Suffolk horses left in Britain with a total of 73 females.

But efforts have been made to save this breed from extinction as genetics from a popular rare breed stallion are sent to New Zealand. This means that frozen semen from Suffolk stallion Craikhow Hall Jensen is in the process of being imported to New Zealand.

One of the spokesmen of the company that is taking care of this said on social media, “We are thrilled to announce this semen is also for sale and should be with us early in the breeding season.

As well as boosting the Suffolk horse]gene pool in NZ, we think he would make a fabulous cross with other heavy horse breeds, or over thoroughbreds etc perhaps to breed hunting types.” He also said that they had been working with another dedicated group of rare breed enthusiasts and they are positive on the outcomes.

Craikhow Hall Jensen, owned by Bruce Langley McKim, has hit the headlines in England and is giving his contribution to preserving the breed as his semen is collected and preserved. The move of the horse genetics to New Zealand gives hope to those who love the breed and it is very exciting to know that the Suffolk will be found in New Zealand as well.

There are a lot of difficulties in importing and exporting semen and Stallion AI Services understands that but as the company has a lot of experience in this field the biosecurity measures will be fulfilled even with a long trip like this.

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