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Horse Pinned Under Fallen Tree After Storm, Rescued By N.J. Cops, Firefighters!

It is never easy to rescue a horse who has been stuck and can’t move. This is the case with a horse in New Jersey who was trapped under a fallen tree but it was the quick action by police officers in Harding Township teamed up with New Vernon volunteer firefighters that made possible to rescue the horse.

It was the owner who called the police and required their immediate action when he saw the horse trapped in between two slumps. The tree had fallen on the horse’s leg and he couldn’t move an inch. When officers arrived on the scene they saw that they couldn’t do it alone, they needed, help, so they called the New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department to help cutting the logs around the horse to set it free.

It wasn’t easy to free the horse because the rescue lasted for about thirty minutes and the loving and caring owner had called a vet to be present during the rescue to help the horse and control it after being freed. Apparently, the horse was in good health condition because as soon as he was free he was able to stand up on its own.

“The residents of Harding should rest assured that you have a dedicated team of qualified individuals that will respond day or night to assist in any way needed,” the New Vernon firefighters said in their post.

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