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ONLY IN OKLAHOMA – Horse walks Into Tractor Supply!

Normally, animals aren’t allowed to be taken into supermarkets but there are some supermarkets that make exceptions and allow people to take their pets in. Of course, they should be on a leash. This is exactly what happened at Elk City when a cowboy took his horse into a supermarket.

The video caption reads, “I was at the Elk City tractor supply. A gentlemen came into the store asked if his horse could come into the store because he was a senior man looking to get some senior feed for his senior horse. They responded that their sign says animals welcome but they must be on a leash.” It isn’t something we usually see and that’s probably what makes news, something special and rare happening.

When we talk about pets we usually think about cats, dogs, and sometimes miniature horses but we never think of big horses. But this man decided to take his faithful friend to the supermarket and do the shopping together. The people there couldn’t do anything just staring at the old man and his best friend. Watch the video!

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