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10 Reasons Horses Are Better Than Boyfriends!

We have all been through this dating thing and sometimes it has given us really stressful moments. In addition to that, you have to listen to all the things he has to say and sometimes respond or make comments about it even when you don’t feel like to talk or to have a conversation.

Comparing this dating thing with going out with horses will seem a little bit strange but going out with horses surely has more benefits. Let’s list them:

1. No matter what, horses will always love you. You won’t wake up and find out that he has left you.

2. When we consider an 18-year-old horse we find it more mature than any boy.

3. Horses are into stable relationships!

4. Horses won’t complain about having the same food three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. You don’t have to have a schedule of when to go riding.

6. They are the best adventure buddies as they carry you wherever you want to go.

7. Horses don’t care how you look as long as you give them unconditional love, respect, and trust.

8. You can safely take them home to meet mom and dad.

9. You are sure your secrets won’t come out even if there are moments when you don’t get on with your horse. All your secrets are safe and sound.

10. Your relationship is sure to last a lifetime.


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