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That’s How The Queen Saved An Entire Horse Breed

Horses and ponies have played a huge part in the Queen’s life and to those who share her passion she has always been recognized as a handson, knowledgeable and well-respected breeder and there is a special place in her heart for the native British breeds.

From hardly Shetland ponies to the mighty Suffolk Punch, animals from the length and breadth of her kingdom have found their way into the Queen’s stables over the years.

None owes her more than the magnificent Cleveland Bay, a breed whose long history would have come to an end in the 1960s had it not been for the Queen’s personal intervention.

These reliable horses were always found work to do, from coach horses to war horses. But over the years their popularity dwindled, and after the First World War where they were used to pull artillery, the breed became severely depleted. By the 1960s there just four Cleveland Bay stallions left in Britain, their future hung in the balance.

But, In their darkest hour, it was the Queen who would become their champion. Hearing of their plight, she bought a stallion she bought a stallion called Mulgrave Supreme.

The owner of the stallion said, “The Queen took interest in him and decided that she would purchase him if possible to breed some more carriage horses and keep the blood going and save the breed as well.” Watch the video!

How the Queen saved the Cleveland Bay horse

If it wasn't for the Queen, this beautiful breed of horse would have become extinct. 🐴

Posted by BBC One on Saturday, June 16, 2018

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