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Incredible Moment: A Jockey Falls Off His Horse And Still Wins The Race!

It doesn’t often happen to see horse races when the jockey falls off or when he is thrown off a horse but sometimes when it happens the horse has its own mind to take over the race. This is exactly what happened at Ruidoso Downs when Justin Shepherd was thrown off right from the start by his horse Fancy Stripe.

The horse seemed to be undeterred from what happened and went on finishing the race and cross the finish line all alone and in front of his rivals. Although he ran an awesome race he was listed among the ones who haven’t finished because in order to be considered an official winner a horse must finish the race with a jockey on its back. The jockey, Shepherd, was a little bit hurt and suffered minor injuries but he was able to walk off the track to the jockey quarters. He decided not to take any more mounts that day because of his health condition.

The other jockeys in the race did their best to stay clear of Fancy Stripe as it was a really dangerous situation on the track. Fortunately, nothing happened on the track and the one who won the race was Wrapped. Ronnie Cloud was the official second-place finisher while Attila’s Ghost finished third. Watch the video and please share it with your friends on Facebook!


Fancy Stripe unseated rider Justin Shepherd at the start of the second race at #RuidosoDowns and was then undeterred throughout the seven-and-one-half furlong race to cross the finish line in front of his rivals. https://www.raceruidoso.com/riderless-horse-wins-race-at-ruidoso-downs/

Posted by Ruidoso Downs Race Track and Casino on Saturday, August 4, 2018

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