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5 Things We Can Learn From Horses…Sometimes They Know More Than We Do!

Humans and horses can learn from each other a lot of things. We’ve seen champion horses trained by people, learning to be the best from their trainers. But do you know that horses can be great teachers too? Here are few things that you should have on mind!

  1. LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Horses have no worries and they don’t waste their on thinking about life and problems. They just enjoy their time in the field and live in the moment.
  2. HAVE FUN-GET DIRTY. For horses this is one of their favorite activities. They love mud and getting dirty. If you ever see a horse covered in mud be sure that he had a good time. This animals don’t think of the bath or their bad looks after getting dirty! 
  3. FORGIVENESS. This is the most noble characteristic of every horse. They are masters in forgiveness even though many people have treated them inhumanely. In many local riding schools horses are giving lessons in forgiveness, which is truly remarkable! 
  4. FRIENDSHIP. Horse lovers will agree that this amazing creatures will always be your best friends if you treat them with kindness and respect! They are loyal by nature and as a companions will follow you through everything. But, they are also good to one another, for example, a blind horse is always paired with another horse to guide and care for him.
  5. HONESTY. You’ll always know their real intentions, because they are honest and can’t hide anything. They express their feelings in the most honest way and the world would be a better place if people learn to be sincere like horses are!

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